Living Hope Church was born out of home cell groups that were meeting in Nyumba Yanga and Woodlands Extension areas under the urban outreach program of Lusaka Baptist Church. It comprised of members from a cross section of denominational backgrounds. The first service was held at Mpezeni Hall. The first meeting comprised of 27 members, which encompassed both adults and children. The church continued to grow numerically and spiritually under the leadership of Lusaka Baptist Church and the Local committee. It then began taking a spiritual outlook of a charismatic/ Pentecostal movement. Because of this, the leadership of Lusaka Baptist Church saw it fit to allow the Church be independent

Towards the end of 1995, the church elders embarked on the process to recruit a pastor. This lead to the engagement of Pastor Christopher Mukwavi, a graduating student at the time from Theological College of Central Africa, who formally assumed the responsibility as pastor of the church on 2nd January, 1998.

Through the leadership of Pastor Chris Mukwavi, the church began to seek affiliation with Church Bodies. The Church leadership decided to seek affiliation with the Pentecostal Assemblies of God Zambia and was formally received on 17th January, 1999. With the continued growth of the church through evangelism, the church saw it best to build a larger place of worship, which lead to the purchase of the current plot where the sanctuary is constructed. The congregation moved from Mpezeni Hall to the now Living Hope Church building on 3rd August 2003, which at the time was not complete and met for the first time under six roofing sheets and dusty floor.

Today Living Hope church continues to grow both spiritually and numerically. This growth has led to the establishment of various ministry groups which include; The Mens Ministry, Living Hope Ladies Fellowship (LILAFE), Children and Teen Ministry, Youth Ministry, Marriage and Parenting Ministry, Music Ministry , Prayer and Intercession, Service Ministry, Hospitality, Evangelism, visitations, discipleship, Mercy, and international missions.