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Childless and how the Lord Came through

I am a member of Living Hope Church, I couldn’t have children due to a number of illnesses found by my doctor in that growing fibroid tumors,cysts. I knew that Jesus Christ will never leave nor forsake me, but with more than 4 years in Marriage and no children, the pressure kept mounting up. Till there was a month of prayer at church, I head the Word and it lifted my spirit and faith in God; I fasted for one month believing and seeking God, my prayer was “Lord you said ‘ask anything in my name and I will do it’, I believe in you, Medicine says I can not have a child, but you are the creator of heaven and health even my body. Lord I ask for a Child from my own womb”. During that month of fasting and prayer the Lord assured me that it is done; I believed Him. Three days after the month of prayer, I did a home pregnancy test and behold I was pregnant! Nine months later we had a beautiful healthy baby girl whom has brought us so much Joy my husband and I. I would like to encourage you that never stop believing in God, for nothing is impossible with God, Amen!!

Was lonely and needed a Loving Husband and Friend

I am a young lady of Living Hope Church and this is my testimony. All my friends where either married or in a steady relationship; they had someone to be with, to love and care for. I had none, was still very single and aging; I felt alone and lonely despite having friends and family around. I am a christian and love the Lord, but I longed for someone whom God created just for me. I tried dating but nothing really worked out as I hoped. Then I resorted to turn to God and ask Him for my life partner and friend. He answered my prayer and sent me a friend who is my husband today, I am so filled with peace, joy and happiness. If God can do it for me, He surely can do it for you, just call upon Him and He will draw near to you.