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The church recognizes God as Missional, and lives to fulfill the mission of bringing people from different walks of life to the knowledge of Christ as their savior. The ministry of evangelism is effected through house groups which are spread across the city, where believers live as family, demonstrating the love of God. The ministry is committed to teaching and discipline all believers to be followers of Christ. This mission is also carried out internationally, working with our ministry partners around the world.


Living Hope Church runs a comprehensive discipleship programme for all new members and converts. The programme runs for about 7 weeks and covers a wide array of subjects with the focus on equipping born again believers for service.

Subjects covered include:

  • Being born again and being part of the local church.
  • Water baptism.
  • The Lordship of Jesus Christ and local church leadership.
  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit.
  • Patterns of church life.
  • The ministry of church leadership.
  • Fellowship and responsibility.

The purpose of the course is to make sure that all believers are properly grounded for works of ministry. The emphasis is also to identify the giftings of individual believers so that they can be effective in the church and in the community.

Apart from the Discipleship class, believers are grounded further by being part of home cells. Currently, Living Hope Church has active home cells in the following areas: Woodlands Extension, Nyumba Yanga Extension, Nyumba Yanga Central, Chalala- Bedrock, Chalala- Shantumbu, Kabulonga, Ibex Hill, Kabwata Site and Service, Chilenje Central, Chilanga, Lilayi and Bauleni.

The objective is to create an enabling environment where the Word of God can be studied and discussed in detail. Home cells also help the families to bond, sharing the love of God on a one –on –one basis. Discipling is also done through teachings in the mid- week service where members are taught on various aspects from the Bible- prayer and fasting being at the centre of it all. This is also structured periodically, dependent on what the church is praying for.